Barb O'Brien - TherapistI am a psychotherapist with over 30 years experience. I specialize in the treatment of trauma and abuse, codependency, depression, anxiety, stress, grief and low self esteem.

I love working with people and watching their sense of self worth change as they get in touch with who they really are and start to become that person and love that person. We all operate out of old ideas about ourselves, things we decided when we were little kids or teenagers. The heavy kid who got teased and believes they are unlovable or the quiet kid who doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves, maybe because they don’t believe they are important enough. We bring those beliefs into adulthood. Helping people first identify these old ideas or their “life script” is my passion. Helping someone start to challenge and change these beliefs is what I do best. It is possible for everyone. Change is possible for everyone.

Whatever you are going through, the challenges you may be facing, I want to help support you.

Treatment Approach

I will help you identify the origin of your pain and shame and teach you to challenge how things learned as a child changed your sense of your self and your world, altering the way you responded to people and situations.

By growing yourself back up and having a functional adult on board, I will help you re-parent yourself and address issues related to a painful childhood that may be keeping you stuck today and that are affecting your relationship with yourself and with others. I will help you explore and move through your feelings and self doubts. I will help you heal feelings of shame and pain. I will help you become and recognize your original self. I offer a variety of services including individual, group and couples counseling.

Education & Credentials

My education and training include a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling from North Dakota State University. I also have extensive experience in employee assistance counseling and managed care.

Trained in Post-Induction Therapy by Pia Mellody of the Meadows. The PIT model is used to treat codependency/trauma, focusing on the origins of adult relational problems, exploring early childhood issues that have made life painful and relationships difficult and facilitating a deep healing process for shame and abuse. More about PIT >

Professional services include counseling sessions as well as intensive workshops:

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