Center for Change is the private practice of Barb O’Brien and is based on the deep conviction that change is possible.

Much of the pain and difficulty we experience in our lives and relationships today began in the past – influenced by unspoken rules we learned in our family, painful or traumatic experiences we had that involved our peers, family or significant people in our lives. These rules and experiences create feelings of shame and inadequacy, leading to negative self-talk and resolved grief.

Using a holistic approach that attends to the physical, emotional and spiritual elements of a person, I am fully committed to my clients’ success. I work to create a safe, nurturing, respectful environment where I combine wisdom, humor and insight as I partner with my clients to help them reach their goals and highest potential.

red-tri-3Change: to transform, to become different; passing from one state or form to another; a change of habits, behaviors or principles.

Sometimes change comes fast and easy but more often change is a slow, deliberate process and sometimes things get worse before they get better. But, if you can see change as a process of uncovering, discovering and recovering, a process where you are moving toward wholeness, your work can be broken down into manageable steps. As our negative beliefs about ourselves are challenged and self esteem restored, we begin to make healthier choices and the quality of our lives and relationships improve.

Using a process that combines education, awareness, insight and choice making you can make lasting change toward self-love and enrich your relationship with yourself and others.

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